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Sugar dispenser

is a Quebec business that has been specializing in the production of commercial sugar dispensers since 1998. Having worked in the coffee-break industry for many years, we recognized a need. And so we got the idea to create and produce a commercial sugar dispenser with portion control; every complete depression is equivalent to one sugar packet.
Our commercial sugar dispenser was created for the consumer who likes to control the amount of sugar he puts in his coffee. There are many advantages to using our commercial sugar dispenser. You will see a reduction in operation costs since you are using large formats rather than small packets, eliminating theft and wastage, creating less garbage, offering faster client service, improving the image of your coffee service and getting one step closer to being “green”.

Miro-Innovations aims to answer a growing demand for environmental solutions felt by institutions and businesses while helping to reduce operation costs. Did you know that just in Canada, people drink more than 40,000,000 coffees per day? If half of these coffees are consumed away from home, we can imagine the number of packets that are thrown out without even considering recycling. If you can’t recycle, the solution is garbage reduction at the source. Miro-Innovations is proudly supported by Recyc-Québec.

Our sugar dispensers are appropriate for several types of environment where coffee is prepared by the client such as hospital cafeterias, schools, cegeps, universities, ski stations, tourist and recreational areas, business and industry cafeterias, congress centers, casinos, coffee stops, caterers, government buildings, service stations, corner stores that offer a coffee and sandwich bar, and many more. Our sugar dispensers are sold throughout North America and can even be found in cafeterias in Afghanistan serving soldiers on mission.

Competent employees who aim to create the perfect product build our commercial sugar dispenser at our workshop in LaSalle. Our sugar dispenser is made of ultra resistant ABS plastic that is easy to maintain and clean. The principal asset of this sugar dispenser is the chimney concept that eliminates blockages that can result from steam. Our sugar dispenser is activated by a push button with portion control (each complete push is equivalent to one sugar packet). The sugar dispenser is fitted with and anti-blocking grill and a condiment cover on top to maintain product freshness and cleanliness. The condiment cover can hold artificial sweeteners and stir sticks. Our commercial sugar dispenser has a 5 kilogram or 1,200 packets capacity. You can even personalize the front image and adapt it to your environment, which will set you apart from your competitors.

Miro-Innovations is committed to offering you an extraordinary service both in replacement parts and after sale service. To know more about the advantages you and your clients will get from using our sugar dispensers, contact us at 514-237-0875 and we will be pleased to answer your questions and help you meet your needs.


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