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Milk and cream dispenser

You are looking for a commercial milk and cream dispenser? You wish to opt for an economical and environmentally friendly option? Miro-Innovations has the commercial milk and cream dispenser that you need!

You are in good hands with us, as we don’t just specialize in the sale of milk and cream dispensers, we make them!

Are you looking for a commercial milk and cream dispenser that’s easy to use? You’ve come to the right place!

We offer two different models. Our exclusive Ice Pak© Cooled cream and milk dispenser is ideal if you do not have access to an electrical outlet.

Thanks to this commercial milk and cream dispenser, users can prepare the perfect cup of coffee for themselves. What are the other advantages to this dispenser? Reduced cup usage and a more rapid service at the self-serve counter are just two of the numerous advantages that our milk and cream dispensers offer you.

You would prefer to opt for an electric commercial milk and cream dispenser? Purchase our thermoelectric cream and milk dispenser. No more limited portions! Thanks to this commercial milk and cream dispenser, users can select their desired amount of cream or milk. Our dispenser will help you save on operation costs by opting for large formats and therefore reducing the amount of garbage that can accumulate in high traffic areas.

Buying a commercial milk and cream dispenser at Miro-Innovations is opting for quality, durability and economy.

Distributed all over North America, our dispensers are used in hospital cafeterias, schools, ski stations, convenience stores and much more. We also offer you an excellent after-sale service.

After producing the milk and cream ice-pak dispenser for many years, the demand was being felt for a thermo-electric model that offers longer cooling periods for certain users. The arrival of this thermo-electric model was very well received by managers of business and industry cafeterias as well as by corner stores that offer a coffee bar, which is very popular these days.

Miro-Innovations is a Quebec business that has been distributing commercial cream and coffee dispensers for fourteen years. Our head office is located in LaSalle and includes a production area for our three dispensers; sugar, cream and milk ice-pak, and cream and milk thermo-electric. These three dispenser models are sold throughout Quebec, the United States and elsewhere in the world. Our website permits us to expand our demographics and consequently increase our sales.

Our cream and milk dispenser that is cooled by a thermo-electric system follows all norms of hygiene. Without limited portions, the client can choose the quantity of milk or cream that he prefers in his coffee. Each dispenser contains two plastic 2.7 liter containers (equivalent to 360 15ml creamers) seated on a base made of white ABS plastic. A transparent acrylic cover is installed on top of the containers to prevent impurities from getting into the milk or cream.

Cleanliness and quality standards are very important to Miro-Innovations. Our equipment is produced by competent employees who are empassioned by their work. It is our policy to ensure the highest quality product for our clients. And all our products must meet our strict requirements.

Our commercial cream and milk thermo-electric dispenser is built based on the same concept as the ice-pak dispenser. The difference is seen in the extra two inches of depth needed to allow for the highly efficient thermo-electric unit.

Miro-Innovations sees several advantages to using the thermo-electric dispenser. It reduces operation costs by using large formats, avoiding frequent theft of small creamers and creating a considerable reduction in garbage in high volume locations. With this one product, you eliminate wastage of dairy products, accelerate client service and improve the image of your coffee service.

Miro-Innovations aims for a “green” image; which has more and more appeal to the environmentally conscious clientele. Ecology and economy are the principal characteristics of our products.
We are proud of our efficient after-sale service and orders for replacement parts are delivered the same day or by the following day, latest.

To reach us and obtain more information on our products, contact us at 514-237-0875 where a representative will be pleased to help you and offer counsel regarding your needs.
You can always visit our web site to find out more about our products and services.

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